3da02ccAll too often we see Candidates who are throwing in the towel early or Employers who are dismissing great staff members simply due to a lack of communication of what both are expecting from one another. Some candidates will search and search for that ‘dream job’ and never find it while others will create their dream job no matter where they are simply by opening the communication flow between themselves and their Employer.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, employers are not mind readers – If you want that pay-rise or want that entitlement there is no way for your Employer to know this unless you ask. It can be a daunting thought for some but take a step back and think about the worst that could happen? You may be declined but be prepared for this and ask questions about what they expect from you in order to be receiving the entitlements that you desire. If you enjoy all other aspects of your job and there is just one thing that will make it better – Ask! Negotiate an outcome that suits you both and if your Employer is still not willing to meet you halfway after you have been upfront and honest then it may be time to find an office with a better staff culture.

The same goes for Employers in that their staff members cannot read their minds and they need to be totally upfront about their expectations of the job. If you have a good employee, work with them to help them create the job that suits them and their lifestyle best – remember that everyone has lives outside of work. Taking some time out once a month to have a chat with your staff and make sure they are happy is going to be much more productive for you than going through the whole process of replacement again and again. You will also see much more productivity from an employee who is happy in their position and feels that there is a mutual respect between them and their Employer.

Do some research on the powerful and successful companies of today – times have changed and the main values of these companies are all about creating a better workplace and culture for their team, caring about their staff and ALWAYS keeping communication lines open. ‘You are only as good as the company you keep’

REJS top 3 Tips to creating a better workplace:

  1. Communication – Be completely open with the whole team about where the company is headed, your expectations of each individuals role in getting there and give your employees a chance to speak their mind
  2. Culture is crucial – Set your values and make sure your staff are reminded of these regularly. An office with a great culture leads to high performance and better results.
  3. Introduce perks and fun into the workplace – Build trust with your employees and show them that you have their best interest at heart.

Article by Emily Morgan
Property Management Talent Specialist at REJS

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