37aa032If you’re thinking about changing your job it is important to understand your reasons why. Initially you need to ask yourself – WHY? Think about your reasons why honestly and write them down, the good the bad and the ugly. Take time to evaluate why you should be leaving or considering this.

If you are leaving because you don’t get along well with your co workers or your boss, then this is the time to be truthful with yourself. Are your problems with those people because of them, or you, are they real – or imagined? If it really is your co workers or boss, then yes it may be time to look for a new job as these people probably wont change, either now or in the future so perhaps you must change.

Here are a few points to consider when you are considering a move:

Your salary package – Make sure you do your research. What are the current salary packages for someone that has similar skills and experience as you, a great resource for this is www.realestatesalaries.com.au – why not check this out as well.

Travel distance – If you are the kind of person who seriously doesn’t enjoy the time spent in the car, then travel consideration is important. This really needs to be a deciding factor in not you’re your current job but also in any positions that you may be considering for the future as well. Too many people take up a new role, then realise a month later it’s just too far to get to work. Do your homework, work it out and really give some serious thought to the distance you are traveling and work it out really – is it worth the travel?

How do you feel when you wake in the morning on a workday? – NO really … how do you feel? Do you wake up with dread? Do you find that you’re having more minor health issues – stomach upset, headaches – than you normally would? Your body can tell you when something is wrong with your lifestyle way before your mind will. If you have that dread in the way you feel then yes think about a change as your health does not need to be compromised.

If you are going to look then start your job search while you are employed. Knowing that you have a few irons in the fire can help you put up with an unhappy situation perhaps a little longer.

Talk to someone! There are people out there you can talk to, find out who will listen to you and who will assist you in finding what you want, not just a recruiter who will send your resume out to everyone in your area without your knowledge! (yes this does happen still today). Be specific with what you want and why and make sure you have a list of non negotiable items on your wish list. Stick to your guns and don’t just take any job you get offered, make sure you do your research as you may be getting yourself into a worse situation. There are some fantastic opportunities out there and someone that understands will be able to assist you if now is the time to move. Those jobs really are out there – trust me!

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