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313518eIt’s all about standing out in an increasingly-competitive world in Real Estate. Resumes don’t mean a lot to me nowadays. So what does this mean:

  1. I’m not really concerned about how many years of experience you have. I hire the best person for the job. Sometimes it is the one with one to two years experience, and sometimes it is the person with 10 years. I have many job opportunities or clients looking for the RIGHT person.
  2. Never assume that I am not looking to fill a position if there is nothing posted. I love finding great Property Management talent and then creating roles for them.
  3. I hire for potential. I look at what can they bring to my clients – not just now, but also in 12 months, two years plus. I see talent, create a career path, and watch them grow in their roles. That’s inspiring for me to watch.
  4. Personality is HUGE. Is your glass full, half full, half empty, or completely empty?
  5. Do you believe in yourself? Why would our clients have you work for them if you are not even confident in your own ability?
  6. Do you fit into the culture? A person can be a genius at what he or she does but still not be the right fit. Certain personality types are best suited for different environments – one might be best suited to a large, corporate company while another might fit best to a Boutique office.
  7. Do you fill any holes for my clients?
  8. Then, after I go through all of these considerations, will I focus on the resume itself.

It is important to move beyond your resume. E-mail me directly. Connect with me on LinkedIn or find me on Facebook and send me a message. Explain that you would like to talk – I will speak with anyone on the phone who is looking for work in Property Management – Real Estate. Don’t be shy – be aggressive! Show me that you want the job (or a job). If you get my attention, get me excited and impressed, I will find that role for you.

Nikki Taylor – REJS – Recruitment Specialist / Director

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