02f4f84Whether you work from home, sit in an office or you are out and about – there is always “more” to do at work, those small jobs which we simply couldn’t do today. The ones that sit in the back of your mind after hours – even keep us up at night.

Why does this keep us up – because we feel guilty about it!

So how do we alleviate this?

1. Devote your time to working smart

Ever caught yourself spending double the amount of time on a personal call than intended? Sat at your desk working only to look at the pile in an hour and think “the pile isn’t going down”. You will also find it beneficial to have a paperless office, that way you won’t waste an hour searching for that piece of paper that you wrote that really important number on!

What exactly are you devoting your work hours to? Do you have a plan or structure within your day?

2. Have a plan

Keeping structure in your day will help ease congestion and allow you to finish many tasks on time. Your daily routine needs to be monitored, set up correctly into your computer and paired with your phone with popup reminders “15 minutes until change time”.

This will also help you to stay on task and not stray from what you are doing at the time, it will assist in ensuring you are in fact doing the As and Bs instead of being bogged down by the Cs and Ds!

3. Look after yourself

To be as busy as we all are in today’s world and think that your tank can continue to run on empty is outright stupidity.

Diet and exercise (at the risk of sounding cliché) are absolute key – these two components alone will change and alter how you think and feel therefore what you put into your body can and will be either a positive or a negative outcome. Its ok we all have a choice here so it shouldn’t be an issue – right?

4. Work and Life balance

Yes this also comes under “looking after yourself”. I will scream this from the rooftops if I have to, if this currently lacks in your life then change it and fast! All work and no play is simply no fun, not only that but it will effect all of your relationships as you won’t have time to nurture them, not to mention how you think and feel and all of the above may take you to such a stressful place – one that you can’t return from.

5. Rid yourself of the guilt’s

Ultimately what you did or did not get done today is not worth laying awake at 3am thinking about or giving yourself a mid afternoon panic attack because something has been missed – STRESS

If you can change it – DO IT

If you can’t change it – “change how you feel about it”

And keep a pen and notebook on your night stand!

In turn from the course of action you have now taken you may find some of the following results:

  • You enjoy work more because you’re not as stressed; you achieve more of the key tasks which you set out without staying behind all hours as you are working smarter.
  • Gain quality family and social time – your relationships with friends and family improve and you get out more often (this makes you happy!)
  • Less stress and enjoying work more, loving your family and friends – all of this makes you feel GOOD and if you partner this with great food and exercise,


Positivity, laughter, happiness, balance, life – SUCCESS!

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