Nikki_Taylor01With absolute passion with life and working as a Talent Specialist I have managed to create that elusive work/life balance that everyone is searching for, don’t get me wrong I still work incredibly hard in a very demanding industry, I get to do it my way though, that’s all. I also believe that there is always a fabulous story about every single one of us whether good or bad. The best thing is we can learn from our mistakes and choose what NOT to do next time.

After only 3 years working in the recruitment industry in New Zealand, I took the bold step and ventured out on my own and started my own recruitment company, yes this has had it challenges however there have been more rewards along the way as well, mostly in the form of awesome happy candidates getting the dream position.

Every single day I learn something new and I really love what I do with a passion. WHY you ask do I do what I do? I get to locate dream jobs for awesome candidates, I get to locate them THE job not just any job, I get to speak to employers that are searching for THE candidate and I get to assist them in finding the RIGHT person for them.

In the beginning I was told as a recruiter in a NZ that I shouldn’t recruit in the Real Estate Industry that was the day I knew I had to do it myself. I went with the Richard Branson theory – “screw it just do it”.
In 2009 I sold a successful recruitment company in NZ, this wasn’t the easiest process we got through a hurdle I wouldn’t wish upon any business. What I can say is the entire experience made me a stronger and more determined person to not let a setback get in the way of my success.

We arrived in Queensland, Australia in 2009, started REJS with a clean database and loaded our first Real Estate office then and have never looked back. Now a well-recognised National company in Australia.
Those who know me well know that I ooze energy from 5 am to 9 pm, non-stop go getter, yes I crash at the end of the day and I’m always grateful for an amazing day after I have had the chance to talk to fabulous people and change their lives.

Making a job offer is not about the money for me it’s the absolute buzz when I get to call the candidate to advise they have been successful and right now I have the job offer for them. LOVE IT – WHY wouldn’t I.
As you can see I love my job and I speak that lingo every day, I tell myself every day what I’m grateful and love to help others direct their Property Management career path in every way I can. That’s WHY I love what I do with absolute passion.

Nikki Taylor – Recruitment Specialist/Director – REJS

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