how to get a recruiterWorking with an industry leader that is an industry related specialist will always increase your chance of finding that perfect position. Many employers work directly with recruitment specialists to assist them in sourcing top professionals to join their teams. When you engage the services of a recruitment specialist make sure that they have relationships established within the industry that you are working in or looking to join. There is no point talking to someone who has contacts in the mining industry if you want to be an accountant! For this to work though you need to know what to look for in a recruitment specialist relative to the industry you want to work in and how to set the tone for a fabulous working relationship.

Step 1 – Specialised Recruitment for a specific industry

As mentioned above make sure that the specialist is industry specific as this is critical to assist you on your search. These specialists should have existing connections that will allow them to get you THE meeting/interview with the right office. So how do you find these elusive specialists you may ask, initially you can ask around within the industry to see who know, this can be done via social media, talking to friends and colleagues within the industry as they may know someone that they have dealt with in the past that gave them excellent service. Referrals are gold.

You may also try search engines i.e. Google to see who is ranking on the first page, this will give you a list opt people that are in the industry so you can always call them to see if you like the way they communicate with you over the phone and if you get a good vibe. Even consider if they take your call or respond to your call within the 24 hours. Suggest you can also ask them for some referrals of people that you can talk to about their service and communication.

Step 2 – Make contact and stay in touch

Industry specialists will talk to many people every day so you need to perhaps be a little different in your approach to them. once you have made the initials contact make sure that you are in touch with him/her regulatory – say once a week by phone, email or txt message or social media platform. You may be forgotten if there is no regular communication from your end to the specialist. Of course you should be listed in their data base should you have forwarded the resume to them. Be assured also by them that they are not randomly flicking your resume to anyone and everyone. This is an absolute NO in the industry. You must know where your resume is going.

Suggest perhaps that there is a weekly update where both parties can talk about open opportunities that the specialist is working on or potential positions that may be coming available in the future. Regular contact will keep you at the forefront of the specialists mind and will provide them with a better understanding of opportunities that you are looking for as well. Remember your needs may change during the process of locating a new role and this needs to be communicated to the specialist as well.

Step 3 – Make contact after interviews to the Recruitment Specialist

Once you have been put in front of a client make sure that you get the specialist to communicate to you also on how the meeting went with feedback, good or bad. The specialist will need to let their client know your thoughts about the meeting, if you don’t pass this on how will the specialist know that they are on the right track for you in locating your next employer.

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what you thought about the client/meeting and saying to the client “I haven’t heard back from the candidate yet, sorry” It takes just a few minutes to call or text your specialist after the meeting, maybe do it before you drive away in the car perhaps or if this was a Skype interview, message them immediately after.

Step 4 – Let the Recruitment specialist know if you get a position yourself

This may sound straight forward and simple however in your excitement of obtaining your dream position make sure that you let anyone that you have been working with in your employment search know this. As mentioned above communication is really the key and this part is also crucial. The specialist will not condemn you for this rather they should be generally excited for you as it is about you.

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