Richard_and_NikkiBeing on trend is one of the most important aspects when it comes to remaining at the top of your game as a recruiter

So, with 2015 already in full swing, it’s time to identify the trends sweeping their way through real estate recruitment offices the country over.

According to an Australian Recruiting Trends survey by LinkedIn, 2015 is the year that hiring volumes are set to peak.

Whilst this is good news for specialist recruiters such as ourselves, it may come as frustrating news to candidates and clients.

For candidates, it may mean frustration at the real likelihood that they will become another ‘number’ on a recruiters’ database. For clients, it may mean that they end up wasting valuable time and money dealing with agencies that are not doing their job correctly and don’t fully understand their needs.

This is where industry specialists are different.

In maintaining a consistent approach, industry specialists are well equipped to deal with peaks in recruitment. With established working relationship with clients, and a full understanding of their business, no time is wasted in interpreting needs or expectations.

Likewise, with an active and current database, the ‘best fit’ candidates are ready and raring to go. In building relationships with industry specialists, candidates are not just a number, but are actually valued for what they can offer.

In the same Recruiting Trends report, it was revealed that social professional networks are the fastest source of quality hires globally.

LinkedIn continues to be popular for recruiters, candidates and employers alike. It provides a good platform for networking, presentation of information and profiles, as well as a good way to maintain a personal or business brand.

It also came to light that there is now a move towards niche related social networks, which reflects the importance of specialist industry connections. In fact, recruitment leaders have predicted that social and professional networks as well as passive recruitment may be long lasting trends for 2015.

This is something that we, as industry specialists, can relate to.

With established long-term industry relationships, and access to professional industry job seekers, we are able to identify the best fit candidates for real estate jobs – without even advertising.

Which is ironic, given that another trend of 2015 remains that job seekers are no longer using job boards.

Much like last year, job boards – particularly in our sector of property management – are becoming an endangered species. They have lost the impact that they once had and rather than embracing them, increasing numbers of candidates and clients are actually avoiding them.

Other trends that we personally saw in 2014 that are still on the rise, include counter offers and selective candidates.

In terms of counter offers, our approach and advise to candidates remains the same.

We talk to our candidates about the counter offer scenario, before they have even had a candidate/client meeting, and make them aware of what to expect when they do resign and to go over the various scenarios with them.

As far as selective candidates are concerned, we maintain a consistent approach, which has proven effective time and time again. We ensure that we really get to know our candidates on a personal level. We determine exactly their expectations, what they are truly looking for and are passionate about, and what we can do to get them the right job first time.

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