payitforwardAsk any thriving recruiter the key to their success, and you will most likely receive some common answers.

They will say that they have worked hard, they have been honest, and that they have been tenacious and diligent. They will say that they have always maintained reliability and professionalism, and have treated clients and candidates with both respect and integrity.

And all of that isn’t really rocket science is it?

We all know that it takes more than one thing to become an industry specialist. But, what we also know, is that it takes more than one thing to keep it working.

So what is the secret recipe to success?

Well, for most successful recruiters it comes down to a core ingredient, and that one ingredient is referrals.

Referrals are two fold in their efficacy for industry specialists.

Firstly, candidate referrals mean that specialists are able to maintain a solid, professional and up to date database of active individuals looking for work.

Secondly, client referrals mean that recruiters are able to establish further relationships within the industry, which means even more specialist experience under their belt.

So, naturally, this is when candidates and clients come in, and why any industry specialist, like us, are always appreciative of any referrals received.

So, why would you send a referral to an industry specialist over others, I hear you ask?

Well, let’s just say the benefits for all parties involved are many.

By sending a candidate referral, you can be rest assured that they will be looked after by the best in the business. They are safe in the hands of someone who knows the industry, has access to clients who may not have publicly advertised jobs, and who understands the importance of getting them the right job, at the right time.

By giving an employer referral, you can be rest assured that an employer too will be treated in the most professional manner, and feel confident that their best interests will be looked after.

You know that they won’t have to waste time dealing with someone who doesn’t understand their needs. And nor will they have to do the hard yards themselves in sourcing and qualifying appropriate candidates.

The whole process of sending and receiving referrals is a 360 benefit. And if you want to be seen as a cut above the rest amongst your peers and colleagues, getting other people talking about who is the best in the industry is the way to go.

So, next time you speak with a dissatisfied client or candidate about recruitment, ask them if they have spoken to an industry specialist. And, if they say no? Point them in the right direction and pay it forward.

After all, isn’t forward the only way we all want to go?