rsz_rejs_standout_candidateCandidate Reference Number: RTK436
Ideal Location to work: Southern suburbs of Melbourne
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Property Management Software Used: REST
Salary Expectations: $60K +++
Most Recent position: Property Manager
Available to start: 1 – 2 weeks notice

A little about the candidate: So you say you want experience, loyalty and the traits that come with this …. Well we have that special candidate now just for you. Having been predominantly working for the same employer for over 15 years it is now time to see what else is available in today’s market place.

Currently managing a portfolio of over 170 properties, she is able to do this with her experience very efficiently and effectively whilst still being able to keep up with the changes in legislation as well, making sure that landlords and tenants alike are protected/informed.

She is one of those people that really just gets in and does it, doesn’t get involved in office politics and has a real positive look on everything. Obviously she is feeling nervous and apprehensive at moving however recognises that if she doesn’t move now then maybe never!

Living close to Dandenong, her ideal location would be any where within the general bayside or Southern suburbs of Melbourne. For her it is all about the office and the people and not so much the actual location as driving 30 – 40 minutes to get to work is no issue.

If you are looking for a special team member that is not going to cost you your superannuation to employ then here she is –  to get a meeting with our latest star candidate to present to you contact Richard now.

To arrange a meeting contact the REJS SPECIALISTS: Richard Taylor 0414 581 472 or Nikki Taylor on 0414 624 521 or 1300 219 522 anytime.

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