IMG_1975EbwWe Asked The Experts  – What do you do consistently on a daily basis that sets you apart and makes you successful in Property Management?  

REJS asked Jess Mazzocato

I live by consistency and routine. I wake up at 5am every morning, attend to my emails, have a green juice, then go for a 30 minute walk to watch the sunrise whilst listening to a Podcast. This sets my day up to be positive and it puts me in control.

I have an ideal week, and do my best to stick to it. This allows me to know in advance what I will achieve that day, it also allows me to easily plan for tomorrow if I haven’t achieved everything from today.

My biggest “success tip” is to pick up the phone. Do not hide behind your email. In order to deal with things quickly, then move on, I pick up the phone, get the task sorted, send a confirmation email and then move on. My mentor has taught me to action things quickly and we use the quote “Next” several times per day.

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