blackandwhite_1In today’s world we all use titles and acronyms for describing positions for the people that work in our respective industries so we have come up with a new one for new business growth within the Real Estate industry and for Property Management.

In property management the terms BDM and BSO and the like have been thrashed for those sales people that have to go out and bring in new managements for their office and this is getting a little old and tarnished. We need to get a new twist on what we are doing and need to be creative instead of just pushing the same old box over and over again.

So the REJS team have a new name for the old favourite, why not call these people a growth hacker? If we did use this what would it mean?

The term hacker normally has a negative connotation based on computer hacking however now it has a whole new meaning to the world.

So why not call your business development people “New Business Growth Hacker” this is a term that will also generate the inquisitive to ask what is that, it is new and some people will have the opportunity of surprise in their own markets and get the advantage over their competition before everyone gets on board with this.

So lets take the world by surprise, get everyone talking about you and your business and see what happens!

To find out more contact me anytime 1300 219 522.

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