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Having been in the industry for 17 years, the role of a Business Development Manager (BDM) is still relatively new with many agencies yet to adopt the concept.

Property Managers predominately are performing the role of a BDM whilst they are managing a portfolio. Now more than ever, Principals need to consider employing a Business Development Manager, but what type of person would make a great BDM?

When hiring a BDM you need to look for attitude in the person you are considering, secondly look at their talent and thirdly their ability to learn and implement Business Development techniques and strategies.  A successful Business Development Manager can’t just be willing and able to perform the job, he or she has to be adaptable, passionate, goal-oriented, motivated and most of all dedicated. The BDM position is not the average 9-5 role, so they must be willing to work after hours and on weekends.

Surrounding themselves in a professional network, and to constantly be building relationships is another key factor of this role and it sounds cliché, but a great BDM is a great people person. They are passionate about the brand and vision of the company and believe in the product when selling this to new clients.

Another attribute to consider is do they have a salesperson mindset? The most successful salespeople do more listening than talking, this is a quality that can instantly create trust, which should be a primary goal of the BDM.

Once you have secured your BDM, ensure you set targets and KPI’s. Work closely with them keeping them accountable and this can be done simply by meeting with them once a week.

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