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I believe the key to success is that you have to really care and genuinely want to help people.

My career in real estate started at First National on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland 5 years ago. Now I am based in Melbourne and have my own business with the revolutionary and innovative InspectRealEstate software.

I have personally implemented InspectRealEstate into over 160 real estate offices where I’ve seen amazing things happen to these businesses, being a part of their success is thrilling.

I am so fortunate to be involved with such an amazing product and there isn’t a day that I don’t appreciate how wonderful it that my role is to provide real estate teams with tools that will make their lives easier, help them be more efficient and save hours of time each day.

I definitely agree with the saying If you work for more than you are paid, then one day you will be paid for more than you work. There are two kind of employees, those who rock up at 9, leave at 5, clock watch and even say I am not being paid enough for this. Then there are the people who go beyond what is in their job description, give 100 % with enthusiasm and help others along the way. These are the people who will be successful.

I am successful because I love people, I am prepared to work hard to ensure I achieve great results for my clients and I genuinely care.

Article from Lana Dixon – Account Manager – InspectRealEstate

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