Flyinrsz_sandy_buttsworth_photog solo and opening a boutique agency in coastal Tannum Sands, Central Queensland was a “light bulb” moment for me when I realised there was a niche in the local market that could offer the “Landlord” a specialised asset management service.

The flight has been challenging but rewarding, since I entered the industry as a  rooky in WA in 1985. Where has that 30 years gone?? I found my passion very early on and was attracted, mad that it sounds, to “property management”.  As our industry has evolved and expectations of service increased, I decided to go it alone and move away from the regular conventional agency and focus on quality rather than quantity.

I enjoy the fact that my Agency is totally focused on managing residential property and our team members are not distracted from other regimes of the industry.  We all think, breathe, eat property management!

Grown organically from “ground zero” two years ago, I am so fortunate to be in the pilot seat of a soaring company, whose mission is to deliver a specialised and unique service in our industry.

I have a belief that “motivation might get you started but it’s habit that keeps you going”.  I can really relate this back to property management.

I am very passionate about property management, love educating others on our industry and very excited to have a successful team with me on my “solo journey”.

Island Sands Asset Management
Shop 5/97 Hampton Drive
Tannum Sands,  QLD  4680

Phone 07 4973 7783
Mobile 0499 083 340

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