NikkiTaylorIts not ok, to turn up casual no matter what the industry is or type of role. Just before you all say you can wear whatever to an interview just remember before you have even said one word to your interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed. How you dress at your current job has very little to do with how you dress for an interview.

Ok – so do I have your attention now? Here I was thinking that everyone knows how to present themselves at an interview yet I continue to receive feedback on job seeker presentation when they have met with my clients.

Why do I write this, its because what you feel is appropriate to wear may not be actually ok. If the industry is a frontline company that presents to the public think about what you are wearing. You maybe in a back office in your current role and feel that how you dress is appropriate, however remember you are also representing the company who put your forward i.e. the Recruitment Specialist as well as your own personal brand.

Yes I love fashion and I dont expect you to love fashion as much as I do but honestly we need everyone to think about how they are presenting themselves for that first interview, regardless of the role and the industry.

I have so many examples I would love to share but I wouldn’t do this here, I truly have a head full of the worst presentations at an interview that is with me or my clients. Happy to chat personally about them however whether your interview is a phone interview booked in or a skype, video style interview or face to face. All of these require your presentation to be 100%.  After all you want the job right … then go for it at 150 % by presenting yourself the best that you can.

With pinterest and google images you can get as many ideas what to wear, how to wear and what is suitable and what is not suitable. If you are not sure then just ask your recruitment  specialist or friends and family how you look.  Do a test run if you are unsure, I personally would take calls to advise my own job seekers how and what to wear to ensure my job seekers do get the first impression right.

Dress for the industry in which you’re interviewing, there is a big difference between a job in a corporate Real Estate office and a start up business and your clothes should reflect that, don’t wear anything too over the top and above all else, please don’t  wear something sloppy like an oversized cardi and sandals that you thought would be ok to wear around home or in the yard and please  keep away from the cocktail dresses for the night out with your friends doing cocktails. For the men no matter what, always check your shoes, don’t turn up in dirty scuffed shoes, ironed shirt is a must and if it a collar shirt check all buttons are in tact and collar is in its place.

This is truly a serious business – THE Job Interview and my absolute passion is when I  hear from my clients personally of the  a WOW  factor that our job seeker presented 100 % she or he  clearly presents well.

Best of Luck Nikki Taylor  – REJS

Now searching talent exclusively for the Real Estate industry Nikki has taken this passion and energy and has changed the lives of many within Real Estate today. AT REJS we specialise in all Property Management talent search solutions for the Real Estate industry & Onsite Managements where we assist both job seekers and employers finding the right place to work or the right employee for your office.

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