Hiring_imageThe employee hiring process is one of the more critical aspects of running a successful business and team.  As a business owner or leader you need good employees to address critical business needs. And yet many treat their hiring as a necessary evil only to be done when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid being reactive next time.

Adopting a different philosophy about recruiting and hiring employees can provide the edge necessary to get the best employees, faster and for less money.

Start by understanding what employee hiring  is all about. Think of hiring  as an on-going process designed to develop a pipeline of qualified candidates. There are two key take-away from this approach.

First, the search for new employees needs to be an on-going process. Continue to fill your talent pipeline. If you hire only when a position is open, you will always be in a reactive mode. The best analogy I can provide is to think of hiring and sourcing  just like selling. You are always on the lookout for new sales opportunities. The same holds for efforts to hire great people. Filling the talent pipeline.

Second, you want a choice of qualified candidates. To have qualified candidates it is necessary to understand the business needs and what skills and behaviours will be successful in your environment.

Knowing what to look for and relentlessly trying to find those people are the keys to successfully recruiting and hiring top employees.

Now that you understand the correct philosophy, your next step is to develop a strategy for Hiring and Sourcing your team. How much money to spend on your recruitment, where to look, who should do the hiring and the hiring success metrics are just a few of the issues covered in a good strategy.

One absolute guarantee is that there is no one best source for sourcing  candidates. The hiring resources  are only limited by the imagination. Successfully attracting the right people involves using multiple sources. There isn’t one single source that works all the time.  Just remember placing an advert on a job site and sitting back isn’t the answer now.  This may have worked for your office but today we have Social Media tools that get information out there now and referrals where people will talk about their experience with XYZ your company, especially on how they were interviewed previously or if they know of someone who loves to work in your organisation.

Part of the hiring strategy is to decide how best to deploy resources. online postings,  head-hunters, etc. are all legitimate hiring sources but your specific situation will determine which is best.

Finding and attracting top employees is not free. There are costs in money, time and resources. It is too easy to throw a bunch of much money and time at hiring without a return.

Finally, there are a number of options out there  available to help with hiring. These include head-hunters, search firms, talent specialists in your industry, these should be people that specialise only in your industry and sometimes only in that particular position.

The conclusion is that you cannot leave your employee hiring to chance. Plan your activities, measure the results and have an on-going strategy to keep the talent pool filled.

Most recent Case Study

Have the right people running your in house interviews, this is not the role of the current employee leaving or the administrators that have never run an interview.  My most recent case study was appalling, the company were seeking two Property Managers  and the owners and managers left the entire process to the team to do the hires and continue running their own role, two staff down and run multiple adverts on a job site, source resumes, book phone meetings, interview potential candidates, not knowing how to interview with no strategy  in place or how important this reflects on their branding with multiple adverts, each person that went for the interview saw absolute chaos, stress, no  structured questions asked, no hiring manager in interviews.

Most recent feedback from this case study is the potential candidates are now talking to others in the industry in the area  “you won’t want to work for that brand its absolute chaos.. 6 weeks later they are still running interviews. This case study could have been managed more professional with an excellent outcome by sourcing the right people to run the hire   Point to consider here is the dollar value of the hourly rate of the staff members running the hire with out any training and the loss of income with their current job and not able to give it their 100%.

Their role is a Property Manager not a Hiring Specialist.  Regardless of the industry assign the right people to run your hiring, be proactive not reactive next time.

Recruitment Strategy Session with the Hiring Specialists
for 20 minutes, we can arrange a time  convenient to us both via video call or phone and work through the best strategy on your next hires, show you how we can help you fill that talent pipeline and remain proactive not reactive.

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