Impress Yourself  - take a look at thisProperty Manager
Software Used: Real OZ
Salary: $50K to $55K + bonus
Use of Company Vehicle: business vehicle made available for work hours
Company Phone: Yes
Portfolio Size: 150

Role requirements: To manage up to 150 portfolio and as the portfolios are growing work with 100 each would be expected once the growth reaches 200 and continue to grow. Bring in new managements will be part of the team’s responsibility and with consistent follow up this will happen organically. I am looking for a leader who will step into this role and oversee the department as a Team Leader and yet still work as a Property Manager as part of the close knit team.

What does this company offer:  You will have excellent support systems in place and continue to implement new processes as the company grows. Training and support is made available to all staff.

What to do Next: The REJS Team welcome your call to allow us to share more details with you and will do by phone, contact REJS Specialist  Richard Taylor 0414 581 472 or on

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