You know there is always room to update, change, improve and create a better hiring process in any company right?

The market trends in hiring have changed dramatically with digital technology and social media and the ability to communicate a whole lot more so you do not want to be one of those employers that are left behind.

Having said that, what are you doing differently in your hiring process to your competitors?

One thing that stands out to me in listening to our  own REJS clients when they are hiring is that they have this constant debate (in their heads), do I hire someone that has experience or no experience. As you are aware candidates that may have no or little experience can be trained and sometimes they have the best attitude.

With the world wide trends now showing a decline in “workforce numbers” there is a real need now for fresh rookies of all sectors of the market place. In our industry of Property Management today the old saying “I do not have time to train anyone, just give me experienced people” has to change and soon.  We truly need to see more traineeships for the Real Estate Industry for Property Management and I am sure this would be in many other industries.

The reason for this is that numbers are declining and if you will not  train and your competitors will not train, then who is going to? If this is the case then we are eventually going to run out of people that have experience.

Job Posting – As we all the know the Recruitment trends are changing and you need to as well.

Employers placing vacancies on a job boards constantly need to be aware of the job postings and how this looks in their branding, is this another employee leaving, is the new posting from growth, fantastic if it is new growth then tell the story on a job posting.

Similar to recruiters placing multiple vacancies on job boards nearly every  single day in our industry, even duplicate jobs.  I ask … shouldn’t a recruiter already have the relationships with job seekers or potential candidates if they are specialising or a niche? Is this just a branding or a posturing exercise? Do they actually know how to recruit in today’s market? This is 2015, right! It has all changed people,build the industry relationships, social media network daily, its simple if you don’t know how then learn.

What is scary for me is we still have employers meeting the best of our talent (we are truly about the search for the top 10% of the market in our specialised industry) the employers are still asking to see resumes to make a decision on having a meeting or not, rather than trusting their decision that  the candidate is a good fit for the job opportunity and yes they will meet them and should be able to with the trust of their Recruitment Specialist, not go through multiple resumes sent to them from a un-professional recruiter or form an advert.

Don’t go through multiple Resumes – As a company we don’t send resumes for an employer to pick one  (only a brief prior to  the meeting confirmation) it is about meeting the individual.  We often hear from an employer after their meeting with a candidate “can you send more so we can compare or benchmark?” WHY! We have been in a tight candidate market for over 2 years or so and this is not going to change quickly. Ask yourself first if you have a Recruitment Specialist flicking resumes for you to pick one think again, find a specialist recruiter that understands what you are looking for and knows the job brief correctly and knows the industry well.

You haven’t won yet ! Your next process from here is they may just get a counter offer with their current employer, how will you handle this?

Beware of the time wasting in your hiring placing job adverts, trawling through resumes and then booking in meetings over a period of 2 to 3 weeks and then missing out on the first one you maybe have seen. (it happens all too regularly)

Who is running the interviews in your office  – Ensure the correct people are running the interviews don’t have your office administrator run the interviews – unless they are entrusted in actually making the hiring decision.

You need to be doing your own hiring, so if you are a decision maker then make the time to do the interviews. Another time waster in today’s market is getting the candidates in for 2nd and 3rd and then losing interest and time wasting a candidate’s time.  Have all the right people available for the interview.  Ask ALL the questions don’t save some for the 2nd  and 3rd interview.  If you need to introduce them to one other manager then do so on the first meeting.   By this time the candidates have taken off many hours from work to see you and the other managers and this is getting harder and harder for candidates to do. All because you didn’t have all of the decision makers at the meeting in the first place.

Interview questions and time of meeting make these about 45 minutes no longer ensure you have respected the candidates coming in for the interview and their time. We often suggest to our clients to ensure you set the plan at the time of their arrival, tell them the meeting will be 45 minutes.

Often I get a call from my candidates they have been to a client interview and after 90 minutes or more they think they have the job, the feedback the client gives me, they were not a fit, then why would you meet them for 90 minutes in the first place?

Feel free to call REJS anytime for a discussion on how you can improve your hiring process.  REJS can be available for a skype meeting or phone meeting One on One Strategy Session Free  20 minutes any location, what you will need to do is email and one of our team will schedule a time in.

A little more about Nikki Taylor  – Nikki started her recruitment career in 2002 and remains excited about the challenges and rewards that the industry has to offer. Now searching talent exclusively for the Real Estate industry Nikki has taken this passion and energy and has changed the lives of many within Real Estate today.

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