In the previous article last week we talked about how important it is to prepare yourself for a virtual meeting, since we only have once chance to get a good impression, right? That is why, it is important to keep in mind what we need to do in order to have a successful outcome from the meeting.

This week, the main focus is on how to present yourself during a virtual meeting. Looking good on camera and presenting yourself effectively in virtual meetings is imperative in today’s world where you can have a chance to sell yourself, and hopefully get the job/sales order and be successful.

Needless to say that your goal in the meeting is to present yourself as the perfect match for the job, if it is an interview and to get that job, or score that new sales order or get the desired result from the meeting, remember this was part of last week’s article, having the goal in mind before you start.

Listed below the REJS team have listed some easy guidelines on how to present yourself during any virtual meeting with the end goal in mind, that’s your goal of course!

  1. Present yourself correctly i.e. be clean, wear your best.

As in real life meetings there are only a few differences with a virtual meeting. You should wear professional attire because it can help you with your posture and at the same time it will maintain your positive attitude. Always remember that a positive posture and a positive attitude will always attract the right result.

  1. Be confident, don’t panic.

Try to relax and don’t panic during the meeting. We have heard of some cases where people can experience a mental blackout during the meeting due to panicking )like as if you were in a face to face meeting). That is why before the meeting, try to relax all the muscles in your body by breathing slowly and deeply several times. This will assist in eliminating any stiffness in your body and lose any tension that you may have.

  1. Be positive about your competencies.

You may get asked about strengths and weaknesses and some of your competencies and achievements. Make sure that your answers are inline with your experiences as this will help you to be more confident with your presentation during the meeting. This will be a positive step towards securing the position if this is a job interview  positive points as someone to be considered for the job. When you are in the process, one of the key preparation steps in a meeting is practicing your interviewing performance and reshaping your presentation level in order to create the best positive impression during the meeting.

  1. Be ready to listen and be responsive.

Listening more than talking during a meeting will also allow you to hear any questions that you have been asked clearly, if you are not sure of the question repeat this back to the other person. This will show not only listening skills but also that you are attentive and focusing on the other person/s in the meeting, remember there may be more than one person at the other end of the video link.

Gather as much information as possible during the meeting, even perhaps ask if you can take notes so that you may answer their queries in more detail if they ask a series of questions at the same time. The company should also be selling you on the opportunity that they have available as well, this is a two way street here so let them also talk to you why them.

The old adage that we have one mouth and two ears should also be applied, so therefore, we should listen twice as much as we speak!

  1. Share your motivation and attitude with them.

Great, you have passed the first selection criteria and they are digging deeper with more in depth questions. Answering questions however may not be enough, you will need to stand out from others that they may be meeting.

In order for you to stand out from the rest, you will need to add another two key components to the meeting, your motivation and also your attitude. Companies love motivated individuals and today many people are offered new roles based almost entirely on their attitude as well.

There are many reasons for this some include – because they are fast learners, enthusiastic, caring and often go above and beyond traditional office hours. Motivated individuals with the right attitude will also have the ability to be able to develop their talent, passion and inner drive and want to get it done right – the first time!

I hope that these tips will help you with your virtual meetings. Visit this REJS space next week to take on board the next information on virtual meetings and how you can give this your best effort and attention so that you get to succeed.

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