Today more than ever, there has been an exceptional growth in market share for property management companies in the country. The competitive market sets a great opportunity for property managers to acquire enhanced career development trainings and education. Before, the highest title possible was Senior Property Manager, businesses are different now. The emergence of cross- functional teams in big companies created positions like Heads of Departments or Specialist, Business Managers, Operations and Divisions Managers.

For property managers to qualify for these leadership positions, university education is needed. The industry gives them the chance for continual up-skilling. Acquiring next-level education will afford property managers a more rewarding career in the future.

More and more larger businesses are emerging. This calls for specialist teams composed of skilled and well-trained individuals who will create vision, strategy and action plans and execute them for the company. Moreover, the rapid change in business models to up-scaled property management companies demanded the service of specialist managers working outside the real estate business. This is due to the scarcity of leadership and management skills of property manager whose training only includes legislative and processed based training.

A promising career and future lies ahead for property managers. If you are planning to be one of them and occupy key leadership positions, there is one thing you need to start doing now- get serious about your education. University education is a good investment that will help you obtain skills and aid in personal development and soon, will help you in the real world. For those who work in companies that provides specialist leadership training such as team building, cultural alignment and financial management, attending these trainings is a good investment too. This will also assist you in your career development.

The booming real estate industry definitely offers a lifetime career for property managers. All you need to do is start right and invest in your education. Many opportunities surely await you.

Brennan_HillThe above article has been produced courtesy of Brennan Hill – Business Performance Executive for Ray White Corporate.

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