FeaturedCandidate2016Job Seeker: RTS992
Location: Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $50K +
Software Used: Console & File maker

A little about the REJS Job Seeker Featured Profile: After serving her time as an assistant property for the last 18 months, it is now time for our next star to take the step up to a property management role in her own right.

During the last 18 months, she has learnt her trade well and has been heavily involved in all inspections, VCAT preparation and attendance, all reporting and much more. Her duties see her managing most aspects of 240 properties so as you can see this is someone that can not only micro manage, they can also mange their time well.

Having said that, she readily agrees that there is still plenty to learn and she is really looking forward to her next challenge and welcomes the changes, both in environment and also office environment.

Her ideal role would be to work in an environment that offers ongoing training as well as a team that enjoys coming to the office every day. Living close to Berwick, she is happy to travel up to 45 minutes to get to the right office as travel is no stranger!

So if you have an office in the East then let’s get a meeting happening so that you don’t miss out on this excellent candidate.

To arrange a meeting with our latest candidate, please contact Richard Taylor from REJS on 0414 581 472 or 1300 219 522 now!

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