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Job Seeker Featured Profile Reference Number: NTH1760
Location: NSW Sydney
Ideal Position: Property Management Trust Accountant
Salary Expectations: $90k ++
Software Used: MRI

A little about this REJS Profile: With just over 2 years in current position as Trust Accountant, we have had the absolute pleasure of meeting this TOP candidate. Located in CBD Sydney seeking an opportunity in Trust Accountant – Property Trust Accountant in Property. Has worked in both Residential and Commercial and for Property Development. Most recent role in Sydney and prior to this overseas in position for 10 years.

The current role looks after a portfolio of 250 plus buildings as the trust accountant for the portfolio. Day to Day setup of new properties, monthly reporting to clients. Processing of payments and analysing data. Meets face to face with clients monthly.

This is a candidate who demonstrates a high level of initiative, is judicious in carrying out assignments without direction. Someone who will achieve the highest standard of excellence and displays pride in his work.

Job Seeker Featured Profile Reference Number: NTST2004
Location: Brisbane
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $55K + +
Software Used: Console

A little about this REJS Profile: With 4 years experience in the industry, ready to step up to a Senior Property Manager position located in Brisbane. This is a candidate that has only been in the industry since leaving school with loads of passion for the industry. Has run portfolios of 150 to 200. Using Console currently and managing everything all aspects of Property Management in the role. Located in Central Brisbane and open to opportunities surrounding the Brisbane area.

This is a candidate that displays a high degree of recognition acceptance and prestige in dealing with others. This will be a Property Manager that displays an enthusiastic approach. Someone who has built strong relationships with her tenants and landlords.

Job Seeker: RTH435
Location: Southern suburbs of Melbourne
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $50K – $60K +
Software Used: REST

A little about the REJS Job Seeker Featured Profile: After  running her own business for over 4 years, our latest candidate entreated the Real Estate industry back in 2013 starting on reception and then quickly moving onto property management.

Since then she has grown into a very good property manager who has the admiration of landlords and tenants alike, plus she the work ethic to be envious of.

Having been involved in all aspects of property management, she is looking to make the move to get closer to home as she has found that travelling over an hour each way to work is getting too much.

Currently living in the general area of Narre Warren, she is happy to look at all positions that are 30 – 45 minutes travel from home, in all directions. So if this is your office then call today to set up a meeting.

Job Seeker: RTR
Location: CBD and surrounding suburbs of Adelaide
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $50K +
Software Used: REST

A little about the REJS Job Seeker Featured Profile: With nearly 4 years experience as a property manager under her belt, our next star has experienced most aspects of property management and has solid experience.

In her current position, she is managing approximately 150 residential properties from an end to end basis. She also has the ability to be able to “close” on new business opportunities and is very good at this.

Whilst her current knowledge is excellent, she also understands that the PM world is an ever changing beast and that there is plenty to learn as you grow, so in her next role she wants to stretch and grow more.

She has the right attitude, the right presentation with excellent communication skills – both verbal and written and a work ethic that’s hard to find today!

Living in Unley, she is happy to look at all locations that are close to the CBD in all directions.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidates, please contact Nikki Taylor or Richard Taylor at REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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