Nick, Head of Department, Queensland  

1. How did you start in Property Management?
– I’ve always had some connection with property management, my first intro was when I was younger helping my parents manage their property portfolio, in 2005 I moved to London, England and helped investors with renting properties to New Zealand, Australian and South African expats for a number of years as a part time job to my main role. In 2013 I moved to Brisbane and started working for Ray White as a BDO, bringing in new managements and bridging new relationships and business leads. In April 2014 I left RW to run the property management department for another company.

2. Have you always worked in this industry or did you do something else previously?
– I first started in Real Estate at the age of 17 as a sales consultant (I was the youngest in New Zealand at the time) and throughout my career I’ve always had a hand in the Real Estate world whether it be my main job or helping investors part time with their portfolios. I have a varied skill set spanning marketing, advertising, sales, management and web development.

3. What do you love about your job?
– I personally love the one to one interaction I have with the owners and new clients I met on a daily basis. I’m like a sponge and I’ve learnt so much from those investors and developers during my time in the business. I’ve moved up the ladder so to speak and no longer do the routines/lease sign ups etc. I’m now running the department and passing on my knowledge to the rest of the team which I also love and I’m still constantly learning new things also.

4. What would you like to see done differently in the Property Management industry?
– A lot of people say, “Why would you want to be a property manager” this is commonly because people see it as a high stress and mundane role. Dealing with the day to day grind of chasing tenants for rent arrears and dealing with the routines/ exit reports etc. With technology advances routines and exit reports are much easier and faster to conduct, I guess I’d like to see more companies’ stream lining their processes and making life easier for the property manager to do the job correctly from the outset. Communication is the key essential in this industry.

5. What’s your advice to anyone thinking of joining Property Management as a career.
– Property management roles are sometimes used as a stepping stone to other roles within Real Estate and this somewhat contributes to the high turnover. If your passionate about the role and want to grow within the field then it can be very rewarding. When applying for a role, be sure to also do your research about the company otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure. Ask questions about the rent roll, how many properties do they manage, how many properties does each property manager look after, what systems do they have in place for routine inspections and exit conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions, it’s definitely a learning curve but no one day is the same as the next. There’s always something happening in the property management world that keeps you on your toes.

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