1. How did you start in Property Management?
– I actually did a little property management when I first started in real estate although I actually was working as sales support. I then did holiday lettings. The role I’m in now has probably been the most hands on that I have been in property management.

2. Have you always worked in this industry or did you do something else previously?
– No I haven’t. I have done night fill, cleaning and admin at accounting firms.

3. What do you love about your job?
– I love that I have really lovely landlords and for the most part good tenants. I enjoy doing inspections and doing end of month accounts.

4. What would you like to see done differently in the Property Management industry?
– I think having our wages reflect the pressure and some days the abuse we cop. Also there needs to be more training out there as well.

5. What’s your advice to anyone thinking of joining Property Management as a career?
– Don’t consider doing it unless you are prepared to work under pressure.

 – Nat, NSW

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