Marketplacewman3Job Seeker: RTB939
Location:Bayside & Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Ideal Position: Assistant Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $40K – $45K +
Software Used: Console

Talent profile: Our next star for you today is an absolute gem. She has flair, style, ambition and a fantastic attitude as well. Add to this a burning desire to be able to learn and contribute more to a team and what more could you ask for.

Her current role sees her working in a supportive role assisting all of the team however she is also managing a small portfolio as well. She has the skills to run her own portfolio and she wisely has decided that she needs more exposure and more experience, even after 15 months in the industry.

You will find this refreshing as most people with this experience over value themselves as well! She is able to perform many duties of a property manager although she fully understands she has plenty to learn as well.

She will give you 110% each and every day and is willing to learn about your systems and processes.

She lives in Bentleigh so is happy to look at all positions that are within 45 minutes drive from home.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate, please contact Nikki Taylor or Richard Taylor at REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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