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Marketplacewman2Job Seeker: RTM922
Location: Bayside Suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $55K +
Software Used: Console and REST

Talent profile: So after launching into Real Estate over 4 years ago, our next star stayed in administration/reception for a year or so before moving into leasing and then into a full blown property management position about 18 months ago.

She is very capable person who can handle the stress and pressure of the daily grind of property management and still come out at the end of the day smiling! Her current portfolio is approximately 160 properties and whilst she doesn’t know everything (her words), she knows she is able to learn and grow more in your team.

Living in the Bayside, she is finding the grind of travelling to the Northern suburbs of the city too much for her and she is now looking to move to an office closer to home.

If you have an office in the Bayside or close to this area then we would love you to have a meeting with our next star. She has the experience, the presentation, the ability – the only thing she doesn’t have is your office!

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate, please contact Nikki Taylor or Richard Taylor at REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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