Marketplacewman5Job Seeker: RTM540
Location: Eastern & North Eastern Suburbs
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager or Team Leader
Salary Expectations: $65K – $70K +
Software Used: Console & REST

Talent profile: Looking for that special senior property manager/team leader that knows how to bring in the managements as well as look after your team?

Here she is so look no further! Our next star is currently managing a team of 5 property team members including PMs, BDM and assistant and she also partakes in the growing of the rent roll as well, consistently bringing in approximately 10 new managements every month.

She is a real stellar operator and knows what it takes to grow the business, look after the business and make sure that your team is happy as well. When you look at what you would have to invest to get this quality of person – well it is about the same for what you pay a BDM BUT you get everything else as well!

Living in the Mitcham area, she is happy to look at opportunities that are within a 45 minutes drive from home so if you want the best then here we go!

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate, please contact Nikki Taylor or Richard Taylor at REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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