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Succeeding in job interviews takes research, practice, and persistence. The more effort you put into your interview preparation, the more success you’ll see in obtaining job offers. Feel free to chat with anyone of us at REJS before you go out to one of our interviews.


Position: Property Manager – Gold Coast – Broadwater / Southport
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55K + super + use of company car
Details of this position: This fabulous job opportunity is seeking someone that is exceptionally willing and successful as a team worker. The role will manage up to 150 plus properties. You will have full support of an assistant for inspections and also trust accounts. Outstanding Customer service with tenants and landlords are critical in this role and we want that special Property Manager that will stand out from the crowd. We are looking for that someone who develops a strong working rapport with others.

Position: Property Manager – Brisbane East
Software Use: Console
Salary: $55K plus
Details of this Position: What does this job opportunity offer: The role includes a car for work use only and NO SATURDAYS at all. To receive this amazing role you will manage approx. 150 residential properties from end to end, however as a bonus there are no leasing duties or routine inspections either. We are looking for a highly competent Property Manager with minimum of two years plus experience. If you get in now you will get to meet the existing Property Manager and hear how fabulous the portfolio is to work with as well as what a great company this is to work for as well.

Position: Senior Property Manager – Bayside Brisbane
Software Use: Console – Inspect Real Estate
Salary: $55K +
Role requirements: With a very manageable portfolio of approx. 150 this role is just waiting for you. All of the properties are located within a 4KM radius of the office so you won’t spend all day “driving” around.
Saturdays are not required however you may be required to provide office back up on the odd occasion when existing staff are away. We are sourcing a Property Manager that displays a high standard of professional behaviour and maintains the highest standards of ethics.


Position: Project Sales Consultant – CBD Melbourne
Software Use: Salesforce
Salary: $45K + bonus structure (ongoing you will LOVE) + Laptop & Iphone & Car space
Details of this Position: We are searching for that special person to join this team of Project Sales Consultants based in the CBD of Melbourne. You will be reporting to the Sales Director for one of our Corporate National Clients. You will be supported with leads generated from their own marketing and their sales support team. The projects sales team are responsible for the residential new projects, off the plan sales and house & land packages.

Position: Property Manager – Richmond
Software Use: Console
Salary: $50 – $55K based on experience
Details of this Position: This is a little different for you, we are looking for a “floater” to manage portfolios when the existing team members are away on leave etc. This is a big team so therefore a full time role here, plenty of scope to see new challenges every day as well as different properties and suburbs. The intention is to groom this person to become a full time property manager within the company as the company is growing quickly as well. Your experience does not need to be massive, we will consider someone who only has 12 months in the industry, what’s more important is your attitude and your view on working in a team.

Position: Property Manager – North Fitzroy
Software Used: Console
Salary: $65k maybe more depending on experience
Details of this Position: Boutique and really proud of it, this is the office that awaits you and your skill set. You will get to join a team of 2 other property managers and will be managing a portfolio of approx. 160 properties. We are looking for someone that can slot into the existing team, training on their systems will obviously be provided however the team works really well together. You will be managing this from an end to end basis with excellent support from management as well.

Position: Property Manager – Carrum Downs
Software Used: REST
Salary: $60K + bonuses
Details of this position: Here you go people – this role will see you managing your own portfolio of approx. 130 properties, end to end. What this means is that you will not have to perform any BDM duties, no trust account duties, no admin letters etc. just good old fashioned property management – combined with a love of technology as well. The portfolio is very tidy as the PM is moving within the company and taking on BDM duties so there are no ghosts in the closet here. As a bonus the properties are all located within a very close proximity of the office so you won’t be driving around all day in your car either.

Position: Property Manager – Keilor East
Software Used: Property Tree
Salary: up to $55K + bonuses
Details of this position: This is it, yes really the role you have been waiting for! You will be charged with managing a small portfolio of approx. 70 properties from an end to end basis, yes only 70. You will have plenty of time to make sure that you are giving your tenants and landlords the best service experience ever, something that is hard to do when your portfolio is way to big. This team is small and nimble and also very dynamic and they really enjoy each other’s company.

Position: Property Manager – Southbank
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55 – $65K based on experience
Role requirements: Based in South Melbourne you will be managing your own portfolio of approx. 165 properties end to end. You will have excellent support from your own assistant plus the there is no BDM work and no trust account work either! As an added bonus most of the properties are close to the office so you won’t spend all in the car just driving around going crazy. This is one of those sought after opportunities that has only become available due to one of the team members having to go home to China in an emergency.

Position: Senior/Property Manager – Kew
Software Used: Console
Salary: $60 – $80K +
Role requirements: This is one of those rare opportunities that you wait for forever, well almost! Working for one of the most respected names in Melbourne this role will see you managing a portfolio of approx. 170 – 180 properties with support. This support will include all general and conditions reports being handled by admin, yes that’s right, all trust account work is handled by others as well as any BDM duties. Yes you really can focus on what a top property manager does on a daily basis, manage the properties to your best ability.


Position: BDM – Brighton
Software Use: REST & File Smart
Salary: up to $40 – $45K plus % of the management earnings OTE $80K
Details of this Position: Now you get the chance to show off your skills in an environment that actually wants you to go out there and succeed, not hold you back to do PM duties that will “kill” your prospecting time! You will also have the benefit of office generated leads as well as being able to self generate leads and have a really good grasp of property management. You will not have to perform these duties though, just know what happens on the department so that you can talk to future landlords about “why you”!


Position: Development Sales Role – Sydney
Software Use: salesforce
Salary: $45K + $10,000 bonus structure that is ongoing + Laptop & Iphone & Car space OTE $100k
Details of this Position: Know your stuff about sales of projects but not really getting the support you need? Are you stifled in your office and are you getting your share of the leads? If you are then you need to talk to us know as we are looking for a really good Project Sales Consultant for this amazing role based in Sydney. Yes you will be given leads, regularly, they have an amazing marketing department that knows for them to succeed they have to give you the best. The team currently is responsible for all new residential projects, off the plan sales as well as house and land packages, how good is that variety!

Position: Senior Property Manager – Newtown
Software Use: REST
Salary: $80K + Iphone & Car space
Details of this Position: Do you have the experience and drive to be a senior PM? Yes, then this amazing role in Newtown could be what you are looking for. The company has the right style for you combining history with technology and want to get you really going in your career. You will have the full time support of a property manager and a letting agent and they will help you manage approx. 300 properties.

Position: Senior Property Manager – Double Bay/Rose Bay
Software Use: REST
Salary: $90K + Iphone & Car space
Details of this Position: Are you a real PM star and do you need to work in the BEST office in the area? If you are and do then this is it, we recently saw the office environment and the team culture is amazing, the office is just schmick, the people are passionate about what they do, funny the only thing really missing is you! Yes you will need to manage a very tidy portfolio alongside two fellow team members, both property managers, the real reason they need you is growth, man are they growing and they are only taking on good top end properties so no rubbish to look after.

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