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Succeeding in job interviews takes research, practice, and persistence. The more effort you put into your interview preparation, the more success you’ll see in obtaining job offers. Feel free to chat with anyone of us at REJS before you go out to one of our interviews.


Position: Property Manager – Gold Coast – Broadwater / Southport
Software Used: Console
Salary: $52K + super + use of company car
Details of this position: This fabulous job opportunity is seeking someone that is exceptionally willing and successful as a team worker. The role will manage up to 150 plus properties. You will have full support of an assistant for inspections and also trust accounts. Outstanding Customer service with tenants and landlords are critical in this role and we want that special Property Manager that will stand out from the crowd. We are looking for that someone who develops a strong working rapport with others.

Position: BDM – Gold Coast Central
Salary: $50 – $55K + bonuses
Details of this Position: This position is just been newly created for that special BDM who knows how to go out and get the business! If this is you, then you will be given all of the tolls that you need to be successful. You will have a database of existing clients to work with, a sales team that can provide leads and a company that has a history of success as well, however most of all is the company name – yes this will open doors for you.

Position: Personal Assistant – Gold Coast Central
Software Used:MDT, publisher, excel, rpdata
Salary: $55k to $60k + super
Details of this Position: Stunning position working closely with the Managing director of a Boutique Independant agency. You will have the opportunity to shine here and be the right arm to this fabulous MD. We are looking for that energetic highly organised and well communicated PA to join the team. Hours will be generally flexible however Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30 depending on deadlines and workload. Some Saturday’s will be required.


Position: Property Manager – North Fitzroy
Software Used: Console
Salary: $65k maybe more depending on experience
Details of this Position: Boutique and really proud of it, this is the office that awaits you and your skill set. You will get to join a team of 2 other property managers and will be managing a portfolio of approx. 160 properties. We are looking for someone that can slot into the existing team, training on their systems will obviously be provided however the team works really well together.

Position: Property Manager – Mill Park
Software Used: REST & File Smart
Salary: up to $55 – $60K +
Details of this position: Working for one of the “brand” names in the North with a really great PM team this role will see you managing your own portfolio, end to end. There will be no BDM work, no Trust account work, just good old fashioned property management duties. Your portfolio will be approx. 170 – 180 and you get to have total control of this so your time management will be amazing as well as the ability to prioritise as well.

Position: Property Manager – Mount Waverley
Software Used: REST
Salary: $55K +
Details of this Position: If working for a “name” brand is part of what you are searching for then stop – here it is! You will be able to use your previous 2 years experience to manage your own portfolio, this will be approx. 175 properties with support from admin. The bulk of the properties are close to the office so you won’t spend all day driving around town, you get to focus on providing top service to your tenants and landlords alike.

Position: Property Manager – Box Hill
Software Used: Property Tree
Salary: $50K + bonuses and more!
Details of this Position: So for those of you based in the Eastern suburbs it’s your turn – based in Box Hill this position will see you managing a small portfolio of quality properties from an end to end basis, allowing you time as well to bring in new business when the opportunity arises. You don’t need to have all of the experience in the world, just need to have really good common sense, a sense of humour, excellent presentation and a top attitude, that’s not too much too ask is it?

Position: Property Manager – Southbank
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55K – $65K based on experience
Role requirements: Based in South Melbourne you will be managing your own portfolio of approx. 165 properties end to end. You will have excellent support from your own assistant plus the there is no BDM work and no trust account work either! As an added bonus most of the properties are close to the office so you won’t spend all in the car just driving around going crazy. This is one of those sought after opportunities that has only become available due to one of the team members having to go home to China in an emergency.

Position: Property Manager – Melbourne St Kilda Road
Software Used: REST
Salary: $65K + bonuses
Details of this Position: Support, support and more support, yes this is what you you will have when you take on this get with this position. You wil supported, mentored andtrained (if required) by the Team Leader plus there are 3 team members to assist you as well in managing your portfolio of approx. 180 properties. The portfolio ranges from St Kilda to carnegie and most of the suburbs in between and is in excellent condition, yes I know you have heard that before, but this one really is.

Position: Property Manager (no out of office work) – Richmond
Software Used: REST
Salary: $60 – $65K +
Details of this Position: If you are looking for that special role then here we go, no BDM work, No Arrears work, No Trust work and best of all no outside of the office work either! How good is that – all you need to do is organising maintenance, tenant and landlord liaison, sending out information to the portfolio and making sure that the processes are followed within the portfolio. This company has expanded over the last 12 months and are growing into a multi office brand so there will always be plenty of growth opportunities as well for the ambitious.

Position: Property Manager – Caulfield
Software Used: RP Office
Salary: $50 – $55K + more!
Details of this Position: This role will see you managing your own portfolio form an end to end basis in a friendly office environment. You will be supported by their admin team, head of department and also the directors as well so no shortage there at all. There is no BDM work or trust account work and this office uses technology to the fullest as well. So you get “i” everything to make your day easier and they also supply cars during the day so no running up the miles on your own car!


Position: Team Leader/Department Manager – Port Macquarie
Software Used: REST & File Smart
Salary: up to $70 – $80K + incentives
Details of this position: Ever wanted to trade the hustle and bustle for that really special idyllic seaside setting? Have you been a team leader or can lead people in a property management department? If the answer is yes then we have that special opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. This is the chance to join one of the markets leaders in this picturesque location, have unbelievable support from management and make a difference to the team that is already on place.


Position: Property Manager – Leederville
Software Used: REST
Salary: $60 – $65K +
Details of this Position: Working with one of the best brand names in the city this position will see you managing your own portfolio of less than 100 properties, yes this is not a typo! Obviously this will give you the time to actually do the job property to your best ability as well and not cut corners (yes this happens as you know). We are looking for a team player and someone that wants to work in a team, not just give it lip service, you will also be well well supported by management and also the team members of the company. You will need current experience and also WANT to actually turn up to work every day as well. Let’s get a meeting for you now so we can start the ball rolling in your next career move!

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