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Be led by the best of the best working closely with the Directors of REJS with your next hire.

Did you know the highest calibre of most Senior Management candidates do not automatically ‘put their hat in the ring’ every time a headhunter calls them? At REJS the directors are skilled in highlighting the key selling points of your opportunity and they can attract interest from the top people for the best fit for you.

Replacing a senior manager is always going to be one of the most important decisions that you and your company makes.

The prize for getting it right is the prospect of taking your business to the next level of success going into the future. The downside associated with a senior mis-hire could reverberate through your entire organisation, and beyond, and have a negative impact for years to come.

Getting the right “candidate” will take time, energy and real effort and this is a real commitment from you, the Business owner – that you must make. One of the real key your considerations will be to find THE manager who you can trust.

You’re also will be looking for a combination of characteristics in the manager you select, like an experienced, mature minded person who is also very dynamic, forceful and able to do the job for you. Ideally, you’d like to hire a dedicated, trustworthy and a top communicator for your next manager as well.

This is why you need to apply strong tests of character and ability to your search for the right person. In order to do this, the first thing you have to do is determine what it is that your business requires and what is really important. Write down what it takes to do the day-to-day management. Also, look ahead a few years and see if the requirements for your manager are going to change. If you can anticipate that, add those requirements to the description of the person you’re looking for now.

Create a list of management characteristics, prepare a clearly defined Job Description and profile of your business that stresses the positive side of your business along with your vision and goals.

Interviewing Management Candidates

All too often, novice interviewers don’t have a good technique for probing the “inner being” of the management candidates in the initial interview. If you’re going to select a manager whose decisions and day-to-day performance seriously affect your company, it’s best for you to get into that person’s head.

Assuming you have also completed and presented a clearly defined job description and “wish list” to your Recruitment Specialist, then they will have the advantage of probing in the right places to attract the right managerial talent to the role, for you.

How the process goes from here will vary depending on the relationship that you have from the recruiter and how much you want them to do for you. Some business owners prefer to see a series of resumes and then they will make a decision on who to see from this list, others will ask the recruiter to line up meetings with managerial prospects that the recruiter feels will fit into the business owners company, based on the description previously supplied.

The preference of the team at REJS is the later however as mentioned every business owner is different and every decision made in this process is critical and needs to be done right. In many cases there may only be 1 or 2 really good outstanding top candidates available at the time that you are looking and then you have to make the call to either choose one of them or defer the decision until the talent pool grows, obviously timing may be against this as well.

Each applicant will have been well screened by your recruiter, they will have performed adequate reference checks for you and gone through a rigorous interview process prior to making the “list”. The whole reason for involving an industry specialist recruiter is for them to do all of the “weeding” out for you so you only meet with the best of the best that is available at that time.

Once you have the available candidates ready to meet with you (via your recruiter) then you will need to set the meetings/interviews times and then meet with the candidates. Whilst this may sound simple you will need to be prepared correctly for this as well and do your research – not just turn up (sometimes flustered) and rush through or be unprepared for the meeting. This will not only be a waste of your time, it will also be a waste of the candidates time as well.

The Interview Process

When interviewing, have the candidate’s resume and/or application (if there is one) in front of you and be certain sufficient time is allotted so neither you nor the interviewee is rushed, and no important information is missed. Put the interviewee at ease, some people when looking for a job are, to some extent, nervous during an employment interview, and there are ways of limiting their discomfort.

Remember that the candidate may have been headhunted on your behalf and they may not have been looking for a new job – they will then be checking you out to see what you have to offer as well so this process is really a two way street. We don’t want to tell you how to actually perform in the interview as at this level it would be expected that you know how to do this type of interview.

Some keys things though must include, making the candidate at ease, making sure that you explain the interview process to the candidate and perhaps outline your goals/outcome for the meeting. A clearly defined process from you to the candidate will help them in understanding your process and also give them some insight in how you run your business/company.

Never forget that hiring a management candidate is a much more serious matter than hiring a clerk or a receptionist. This is why on an initial interview you should ask penetrating, specific questions. You should ask questions you need answers to in your own business to see whether what you’ve learned about your field is consistent with the knowledge the candidate claims to have. Think of some situations that may arise over the next five to six months and ask the candidate very specific questions about how they would take care of that problem. You’ll gain a lot of insight about your own business, and rate the candidates at the same time.

Profiling Your Candidates –

We asked the experts Neil Williams & Julie Davis – Directors of Agent Dynamics about Profiling candidates.

With candidates so versed in interview techniques it is often difficult to cut through and identify what may be scripted and what is their innate talent. More business owners and stakeholders are utilising the services of companies who specialise in “profiling” candidates as part of the recruitment process. Candidate profiling is not new and has been in use for many years across all aspects of the service industry.

Agent Dynamics is an Australian business that has developed profiling specifically for the Real Estate Industry. Applicants for Senior Management positions can be assessed to determine what innate or natural talent they bring to the role to support the learned skill they have detailed in their resumes.

The profile also provides candidates with an awareness around where they will need to be vigilant when undertaking tasks and roles that they may find challenging. This awareness allows them to self-manage themselves and allocate some tasks more suited to others.

Nikki Taylor & Richard Taylor – REJS

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