Who should you talk to, perhaps look at a job board on the internet, or should you consult with a Property Recruitment Talent Specialist that knows where to look on your behalf?

Sounds like a loaded question we know however if you get on the same wave length as motivated pro-active recruiter, like the REJS team, then your next career move is underway.

With specific industry knowledge as well as local knowledge on where the best positions are, across all of Australia, the REJS team will do everything in their power to get you, the top property job opportunity. You can keep working where you are, forget about competing with others in the industry that are also looking and let the REJS team do the hard work for you.

Is it time for you to get serious? If so you need to call the team now and let’s get everything underway for you. It is as simple as a phone call, really!

Find out how to register with us and then set up meeting.

If you are ready to take the next step in your Property Career, Why not talk to one of the team at REJS today on 1300 219 522?

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