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It’s been around so long and today I’m using it daily and here is why:

Flexibility – They can be done from home or abroad, at evenings or weekends. This is a real plus when it comes to different countries and time zones.

Cost – They’re free and cut down travel costs.

Minimise delays – In a candidate-driven market, it is so important to have a swift and effective hiring process. Sometimes a senior figure in the business will suddenly request a meeting with a candidate, and this is when Skype is our winner. Candidates no longer need to fly to Darwin or Perth at short notice to meet the owner of an agency – a Skype interview will do the job. Plus, we all know our diaries can be a nightmare and stall prospective meetings for weeks, but a Skype interview circumvents this and is a practical equivalent of a face to face meeting.

Virtually a face to face – Seeing a person in a business meeting is a lot better than just hearing them. Body language and facial expressions will give you a clearer insight into their approach. This is the biggest problem I have with telephone interviews because they do little to legitimise a candidate. I personally believe Skype is a much more valid option. Just having that visual element secures more buy-in from both sides and streamlines the interview process.

A great first interview – People are hesitant at the first stage to travel far should travel be required or do a lot of preparation when they don’t really have in-depth understanding of the company or role. Skype calls mean that candidates will buy in and be more willing to do this.

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