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To achieve the highest possible employee productivity and well – being, you need to create the perfect office – an office of the right surroundings – which will allow you and your employees, perform at an optimum. Undeniably, no matter how good your employees at their work are, if the workplace is dull and tedious, it is impossible to reach optimum employee performance.

What comprises a perfect office? With the right blend of science and design, the following will give you an idea on how to craft a perfect office of your own.

Perfect Office Idea #1: LIGHTING. Make sure your office has windows.

Studies show that employees who work in offices with windows allowing greater light exposure tends to sleep better at night compared to those employees who work in offices without windows.

Did you know that you can improve the workplace performance of your employees without incurring any costs at all? When employees are exposed to natural light, they are most likely to perform well at work at sleep well at night. Further, dimmer – lit areas may promote employee creativity.

Perfect Office Idea #2: SPACE. Ensure that the office has noise barriers and personalised/ various spaces.

Cellular offices, rather than open offices, represent a picture of a perfect office. How? In open offices, employees are more likely prone to pick out noise than those in cellular offices that is usually the most common type of work distraction. According to one study, open offices inhibit work performance due to temperature – related discomfort and poor air quality.

One research revealed that employees can have up to 32 percent higher productivity when they are able to customize a small office with pictures and plants in it compared to those who are not able to do so. Also, employees are better identified by the employer if they are given own control over their workspace.

It’s always nice to have choices, a variety to choose from. The same is also true to a perfect office. Increase employee and work productivity by having visual elements which disrupt the space. In addition, have task – based, private or semiprivate spaces where employees can complete focused work.

Perfect Office Idea #3: DECOR. Put some greenery and colour in the office.

According to studies, a few green plants in the office help raise the level of happiness amongst employees.  Offices having window views and some greenery make employees feel better about their work than those employees in offices with no greenery at all.

The colours that surround us influence our mental well – being. For instance, colour blue stimulates an individual’s intellectual capability. On the other hand, yellow inspires creativity while green conveys a sense of balance and tranquillity.

The display of artwork is most applicable to hospitals because they tend to calm patients and assist in the healing process. In relation to offices, there has been no research made yet.

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