Marketplacewman2Featured Profile Number: RTS362
Location: Western and North/Western suburbs
Ideal Position: BDM or Sales
Salary Expectations: $60K +
Software: Console & REST

Talent Profile: Awesome industry experience, tri-lingual, personality plus and immaculate presentation. If you want a candidate that ticks all of the boxes then here she is.

Starting her Real Estate Career for a National brand as a sales secretary in 2008, she moved on to her next role after providing them with 2 years excellent service and then worked for 2 years in her next role as an administrator for a building company.

Her next role was as a BDM and Sales Exec where she stayed for 4 years before she was headhunted to her current position which is performing the same role. She really excels in this type of role and has gained excellent contacts in the last 5 years.

She has learnt many skills in this time and is looking for a new role that will allow her to expand her skill base and also provide you with a candidate that will offer not only loyalty but also the ability to be able to grow your rent roll quickly and affordably as well.

As well as speaking excellent English, she can also speak Malay and Mandarin, skills that will be valuable to any office that has contact Asian markets.

It’s time to make that call to get a meeting happening, you know the drill the number is below.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate, please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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