The one overriding element of a successful team is the team culture and it is the first thing that Agent Dynamics assess when we work with an Agency. It encompasses all the things that we have spoken of in previous sections plus more.

Agencies sometimes have a high flyer or gun agent that is bringing in more than half of the business. In some instances, they have evolved into a “Guerrilla” and consider themselves the centre of the universe. Over time they have made themselves indispensable and irreplaceable and management has started answering to their beck and call for fear of losing them. While no business owner wants to lose their top performer, they are fostering an environment where there is a flagging team culture and team members now consider themselves part of the “B” Team, just making up the numbers.

This situation is toxic and leaves the business owner extremely vulnerable. Few businesses can stand a 50% drop in turnover so the Guerrilla is left alone, time marches on and the status quo remains. The “B” team members slowly start to exit the agency and their replacements are introduced into the same culture.

Team culture is about each and every member knowing and understanding the different elements that everybody contributes. Value builds trust and the more the team value each other the more trust that will be cemented into the foundations of the business. Team cultures starts with the simple things that mean a lot. Knowing the names of the wives and partners of each team member, do they have kids are and how old are they? How do they relax and what do they do on their days off? You need to understand why they do what they do and what they aspire to. This applies to everybody from the first year receptionist up through the entire team and remember that nobody is bigger than the team.

All of these elements when understood, accepted and nurtured, will combine to help make an agency profitable and a great place to be.

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