Once you send out your resume, the stressful period of waiting comes next. If you get a favourable response to your application, there is only one second of elation before you then realise  the next hurdle is to get the interview.

This is the part where you impress the hiring manager or recruitment specialist. You’ve polished any documents you may need, bought yourself a new attire for the occasion, and even rehearsed your answers for every possible question they can present to you. Online or Face to Face treat both the same.

Before you start getting complacent, here’s a few things a lot of people overlook before heading for their interview:

Questions to Ask

You’re so caught up with your answers that you forget an interview is a two-way street. Sometimes, the question you ask during the interview can help you seal the deal. Make a list of things you want to know about the company and the position you’re applying for. Your inquisitiveness may translate to professional eagerness that will give you an edge.

Company Information

Research thoroughly on the company your interview is for. This helps you see if the company and position is a good fit as well as give you background information you can share during your interview. Hiring managers like it when applicants have enough passion for the company to know it well. Familiarizing yourself with the company also gives you a clear picture of how you can contribute to make it better.

Your Online Presence

One Google search and your dream company can make judgments whether you’re fit for the job or not. You may have been called for an interview without having to clean up your social media accounts but you’re not out of the woods yet. Don’t lose out to a great opportunity because of an ill-worded tweet, Facebook post or embarrassing photo.

On the other hand, don’t wipe out your online presence, either. Well-maintained social media accounts may show that you will be an asset to the company. If that’s the case then that’s the job half done! You can also go the extra mile and build a strong and thriving online reputation. The network you have can be the network you will bring into your job.

Your Interview Outfit

Everyone needs to know what is  the right attire to wear for a job interview. You don’t have to look drab and drowned in your stifling corporate attire. You can create a stand out item but never too much stand out either. Do some research on the culture and style of the company you are being interviewed.  Ask your Recruitment Specialist what is ok and what is not.  Please don’t  ever underdress for an interview, if you are wearing a jacket your interviewer may not be wearing one and its always easier to remove a jacket at an interview to make you more comfortable. Never walk in with a backpack and all lots of paper.  Go in paperless, you don’t want to distract your interviewer, they will already have your resume and any documents you needed to supply.  Avoid placing any bags or items on the table or desk when you are meeting your interviewer, you need to avoid any other distractions.

In the flurry of preparing for a big job interview, these four details often go unnoticed. While you can certainly nail that meeting by going by the book on your interview, these little details can give you a competitive edge. Just remember, if you’ve prepared well and you know your experience makes you a perfect fit, just present yourself with confidence and you’ll land that job in no time!

All the best and go nail it –  Nikki Taylor  – REJS

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