Featured Profile Number: RTJ771
Location: Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs
Ideal Position: Portfolio Manager
Salary Expectations: $60 – $65K +
Software: RP Office

Talent Profile: Living right in the heart of the Bayside area and having worked there for the last 4 years for the same company makes this candidate one that really needs to be high in your list of “must see” people this week.

Joining the industry in late 2012 as the receptionist for the company she earned her stripes there, not only performing her duties very well, but also getting an inside look at the property management side of the industry.

After a qualifying period she was promoted to assistant and then quickly to property manager and she has been in this role now for well over 2 years. During her last 2 ½ years she has learnt the bulk of the duties that the modern property manager needs to understand and to be able to perform, currently managing approx. 200 properties.

Like all roles there will always be plenty to learn and our candidate fully understands this as well. Driven to do the right thing each and every time and also having an amazing passion for the industry as attributes that will see her learn and grow in your office into a really top performer, how good would that be?

She is currently living in the heart of Bayside and is prepared to travel up to 45 minutes to get to her dream office, the current move only being driven by a change in ownership and the usual “unknown” that goes with this.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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