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Featured Profile Number: RTR002
Location: Western Suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Manager/BDM
Software: Console & Property Tree
Salary Expectations: $55K +

Talent Profile:
Not just a property manager – So what is the fuss all about you ask, here is your chance to get a very switched on property manager that also has not only the ability but also the results of bringing in properties to her current office, close to 70 in the last 10 months or so!

What she may lack in actual experience on the ground (close to 18 months) she makes up for in knowledge, enthusiasm ands also real “hands on” work with virtually no support at all.

She is fully committed to the industry and has an extensive background in project management of nearly 9 years to “round out” her property experience. This lady can lead from the front, is well spoken and has immaculate presentation as well.
As an all rounder she is able to manage a/the portfolio, perform trust work, bring in new managements, in fact this is the total package dynamo that you are always looking for.

Currently residing close to Werribee she has an affinity with the Western suburbs and is happy to travel up to 40 minutes or so to get to the right office as well.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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