Featured Profile Number: RTS930
Location: South Eastern surrounds
Ideal Position: Receptionist extraordinaire
Salary Expectations: $45 – $50K

Talent Profile: Yes this is one out of the box and she comes to your office with an amazing skill set in administration work having been in this style of role for just on 10 years, and this has been in just 2 positions as well so here is a candidate with excellent stability.

You may ask why the change and the reason is simple, this candidate has gone out and obtained her agents rep on her own bat as she just loves and aspires to work in property.

She knows that she has to start at the bottom and she knows she has an immense amount to learn however this is not going to stop her. She is one very dedicated and committed individual who has the A+ attitude that your front office just has to have.

When I asked her “what makes you different from everyone else” she came back with an example of her work ethic: She said “after being a receptionist for many years, I am the one who always has the smiling face at reception”. She then said “I’ve always been known for my work ethic. I am committed to meeting deadlines and taking responsibility for the quality of my performance. A few months ago I was working with a client who had us on a tight deadline. There was a mix-up in the delivery of some key paperwork and it didn’t get to our office until closing the night before the deadline. Rather than go home and ignore the problem, I stayed late , making sure that everything happened as promised and the client got the desired result, even after 5.00 pm”

Living in the South Eastern suburb of Narre Warren she is happy to travel anywhere up to 45 minutes to get to your office.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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