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Position: Customer/Call Centre Rep
Location: Sydney CBD
Software: Console
Salary: $50K + comm + super
The Position:
Have you been involved in an inbound call centre before and also understand Real Estate? if you have then this role – “Customer Service in an Inbound Call Centre” is just what you are looking for.

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Northern NSW beaches
Software Used: Property Tree
Salary: up to $55K ++
The Position:
Ever dreamt about woking close enough to the sea that you get to “sea” every day? This role will give you that exact opportunity as you get that, plus a small portfolio (less than 35) to manage, the chance to grow this and also be well rewarded for your efforts.


Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Sunshine Coast
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55k + + use of car
Details of this Position:
In this exciting position you will get to manage a portfolio of approx. 145 properties from an A – Z basis. having said that here is no BDM work, no Trust Account work and no leasing work either.

Position: Property Manager
Location: Balmoral Park area – Brisbane
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55K + super
The Position: In your current role do you have a principal that REALLY understands property management, do you have THE best systems that are available today, do you have back up support from admin and does your current team have stacks of enthusiasm?


Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Glenelg
Software Used: Rest
Salary: $50K +
The Position:
So you can manage a portfolio on your own (with support) you want to look after really good properties with good landlords and tenants and the Western suburbs really gives you a buzz!

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Mawson Lakes
Software Used: Multi-array
Salary: $50 – $55K +
The Position:
Whilst working in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide can have its unique challenges – these have been negated a little by the use of ALL of the technology available today and a principal that knows how tough things can get, this position has your name stamped on it!


Position: Leasing Manager/BDM
Location: Port Melbourne
Software Used: REST
Salary: $55K + more
The Position:
Initially you will be responsible for leasing the office portfolio as and when they become vacant – currently there are just under 400 however this is growing.

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Mill Park
Salary: $60 – $70K +
Software: REST
The Position:
End to end or A – Z portfolio management is required here however you will have the support of admin to assist you in looking after these 170 happy tenants and landlords.

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Point Cook
Software Used: Console
Salary: $55 – $60K +
The Position:
In this fiercely independent boutique office you will get to work directly alongside the directors who are very good at not only running an office but also know and understand property management as well.


Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Northern WA
Software Used: REST
Salary: $70K + car, phone etc
The Position:
If working relatively autonomously and still being part of a team gets you going then it is time to get going – literally! Based in rural Northern WA this latest role will see you managing approx. 170 properties from an end to end basis using all of your previous knowledge and skills.

Contact the REJS team at 1300 219 522 anytime.

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