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To all our amazing Candidates and Potential Job Seekers, this will be our last REJS Weekly Roundup of Property Job Opportunities for the year. Next one will go out in January 2017.

The REJS team are truly grateful for your support this year. We look forward to 2017 to another big year ahead and being available for you throughout the year. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays!

Nikki, Grace, Richard, Jill, Troy and Morgan


Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Mawson Lakes
Software Used: Multi-array
Salary: $50 – $55K +
The Position:
Whilst working in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide can have its unique challenges – these have been negated a little by the use of ALL of the technology available today and a principal that knows how tough things can get, this position has your name stamped on it!
They are different and they are proud of this too – isn’t that what is is all about, working for a market leader that embraces change as well as giving you the best environment that they can offer as well.


Position: Leasing Manager/BDM
Location: Port Melbourne
Software Used: REST
Salary: $55K + more
The Position:
Can you handle all getting a base that is pretty good and bonuses that could see you earning up to $70K? We don’t see this every day of the week and add to that the challenge of learning BDM skills as well from one of the best in the business?
These guys are really serious about making a difference to the market that they work in want a top notch person to compliment their current team – is this you. You will lease the properties as they become available for lease and be rewarded for this with an awesome bonus system on top of your base salary.

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Mill Park
Salary: $60 – $70K +
Software: REST
The Position:
You know everyone says that the portfolio that you take over is “clean” – this one really is as the current employee has been promoted and is staying with the company! Yes that’s right they are going to be with you every step of the way so if you have a challenge or issue then the knowledge is right by your side.
End to end or A – Z portfolio management is required here however you will have the support of admin to assist you in looking after these 170 happy tenants and landlords.

Position: Portfolio Manager
Location: Fitzroy North
Software Used: REST
Salary: $75 – $85K
The Position:
Yes the salary range is correct as the principal really knows property management as he still does the BDM work today, he understands the market. A big bonus of this is that you know that any additions to your portfolio will only be quality.
So you will get to negotiate the size of the portfolio directly with the principal, probably somewhere between 120 and 180 and you will be remunerated “correctly” as well, none of this $50 – $55K that you see bandied about in the market place.

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