Okay, so we are all professionals right, but who doesn’t need some up skilling or tips in the interview department from time to time? Here are a few tips that I have found invaluable throughout my recruitment career.

If however you really don’t need them, please pay them forward to someone who will gain from them, even family members, friends, colleagues.

Right place, right time  

Confirm the time and venue for your interview 24 hours beforehand with either your talent specialist or the employer. Don’t leave your journey to chance, if travelling by car, allow time for parking and other traffic hold ups.

Sharp outfit and a nice smile

Although dress-down policies are becoming the norm, it’s still best to stick to a smart outfit. You’ll be judged on your attitude as well as your appearance, so greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, make eye contact and don’t forget to smile.

Fact find, feel fine

Your Talent specialist  will have advised you of the  job description so make sure you understand what the job entails. How the interview will look, who is attending  – is it a one-on-one or more than one person?  Make sure you know the name or names of the person that is interviewing.  And finally, make sure you know about the company. Check out their website and details of locations of their properties and where the company  stands in the marketplace and which companies are its main competitors.

Anticipate questions, prepare answers

Interview questions normally fall into four categories: You as a person; your work history, skills and experience; the company; the job. Through these questions the interviewer is looking for an insight into your personality. Why are you leaving your current job? What do you know about their company and do you have the skills to fulfil the job specification? Put yourself in their shoes. What would you ask? Brainstorm your answers with your family, friends or specialist  and don’t be afraid to take some prepared notes as a prompt, along with your questions for the interviewers.

Don’t be coy; sell your skills

An interviewer will often see many candidates in a day. The one he or she remembers is the one who had something interesting to say. So write down what you consider to be your skills, strengths, achievements, and the areas where there’s room for improvement.

Be prepared, they may want more

Make sure you can expand on all of your answers. Your CV/resume may well provide them with all the info they need – but the interviewer needs to check out your communications skills. Please make sure that you have read your CV/resume, it all makes sense, the dates are correct and that you can talk confidently about the contents.

Take notes, get noticed

Don’t be afraid to take notes, not only does this look professional, but jotting down your interviewer’s answers could come in useful as a reminder of important points if you’re called to a second interview. noting the job’s benefits could help in your own decision-making if you have one or more job offers.

Exit gracefully

Leave the interview in a polite and assured fashion, meet the interviewer’s eye, give them a firm handshake and smile. If you are interested in the job please let the interviewer know before you leave. Leave the rest to your Specialist.  If you have organised your own meeting then make sure you follow up with a thank you email.

Wishing you all the best for your next interview, Nikki@ REJS

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