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Featured Profile Number: RTM443
Location: Glenroy (happy to relocate to other suburbs)
Ideal Position: Property Manager or Leasing Consultant
Salary Expectations: $50K +
Software: REST & Inspection Manager

Talent Profile:
With an amazing attitude to property management, life and everything in general this is one of those “out of the box” candidates that you are always on the lookout for. He has been working as a leasing consultant since the middle of last year for the entire rent role in his office as well as managing a small portfolio as well.

What really struck me as well during our meeting was his ability to be able to pick up new information and then use this in his current environment, a really quick learner as well. So much so that we both feel he could take on a new position managing a portfolio of around say 100 or so properties and with the right support would flourish amazingly.

He has the ability to handle all of today’s new technology very well indeed and is one of those people, show him once and he is away running with it, no issues at all.

He can relate well with all walks of life and his past career in one of our large Telco’s gave him the ability to be able to work with people and get outcomes that everyone was looking for, not just the company.

So if your office is in the North near Tullamarine and you want a real go getter to join you, either as a property manager or leasing manager then this is your man. He is also happy to travel or even move house to get to the right office as well – the ultimate candidate for you.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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