Job Seeker: RTW444
Location: Aldinga Beach
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $55K +
Software Used: REST, Filesmart and Console

Talent Profile:

So after 4 ½ years in Property Management in QLD our next candidate has decided that it is time to move back home to Adelaide. In her current role (yes only 1 in property management) she has covered all aspects of the role – from A -Z and everything in between.

The only aspect that she has not covered is actual disbursements from the trust account to owners otherwise here is a lady that can do it all. She has an excellent attitude and presents well.

Obviously she will need to get up to speed with SA law having worked in QLD property only however we have talked about this and she is confident that she will be able to do this as she has worked in other roles previously where she has to learn new skills and really flourishes with this.

Initially she is moving in with family and they are located at Aldinga Beach, happy to look at all roles in the South of the State as she has the flexibility to move to be close.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact the Team @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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