Job Seeker: NTB4645
Location: NSW open to all locations
Ideal Position: Operational – Start up – Area Management -Office Management
Salary Expectations: $80K to $100K +
Software Used: Filesmart, Multiarray, REST, RP Data

Talent Profile:

Here is an exceptional candidate relocating interstate. Ready to create a start up, run your department at operational level in Property Management or work in the office with management and creation of all your systems and procedures and training and HR.

There are times where your department isn’t working or needs that certain type of leadership. This is exactly what this candidate is doing now and will be very open to locations in NSW. The move will be end of June and we can arrange all meetings via video,

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate please contact Nikki Taylor @ REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime.

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