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Job Seeker: NTP9992
Location: North Perth
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $65K to $75K +
Software Used: Gee Dee

Talent Profile:

With a fabulous 10 years plus experience in Perth as a Property Manager wouldn’t you prefer to have the experience in your office along with a great attitude.

Happy to work a Portfolio or task base or specialise in any role within Property Management. This is a very flexible candidate here. She is consistent, dependable and accurate in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion.

I can also see the opportunity where this candidate can go either solo in an office or run a team if needed. Experience with leading a small team and trust accounts maybe also an advantage.

To arrange a meeting with our featured candidate, call Nikki Taylor at REJS on 1300 219 522 anytime or email nikki@rejs.com.au

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