As an industry specialists, there is nothing that infuriates us more than when I hear of recruiters out there adopting a ‘send it and see’ mentality when it comes to resumes. And it happens a lot.
Rather than spending time sourcing and interviewing suitable candidates, too many recruiters these days opt for the laziest and easiest route to placement.
Instead of focusing on selecting resumes that hit the mark, they shoot over many resumes to their clients in the hope that one will be maybe, kind of, almost right.
Shocking? Yes! A reflection on them as a recruiter? Definitely!
Any dedicated recruiter will tell you that most of the pleasure of their job is in finding the right candidate for the role. It’s kind of like finishing off a jigsaw puzzle and slotting that last satisfying piece in place.
What an ethical recruiter will also tell you is that their job is to alleviate the stress on the client, and be a help rather than a hinderance. They will highlight that they are there to relieve their client’s workload, and not add to it.
And that’s the key there isn’t it? Because, recruiters who are submitting a number of resumes and then relying on clients to go through the selection process themselves, are not helping.

From a client’s perspective, it’s kind of like having a dog and then barking yourself.
The recruiter is not doing the job that the client has hired them for, and nor are they doing justice to the candidates who are most suited to the role. After all, anyone can send over a number of resumes that tick a few boxes and look like they have potential in one way or another. But clients and candidates don’t want to engage just ‘anyone’. They want someone who knows what they are doing, and that’s why they are resorting to the services of a recruiter.
And for that they should get a service that is a value add to either them as individuals, in the case of a candidate, or them as a company, in the case of the client. A good recruiter will source the best candidates, meet them face to face, and assess their suitability for the role and the company in terms of skills, personality and culture. A good recruiter will then only submit the best and most suitable candidate resumes over to a client. The client can then be rest assured that the bulk of the work has been done for them.
What a good recruiter will NOT do is use a tick and ‘flick’ approach when it comes to candidates, and nor will they expect the client to do the selection work on their behalf. Being a good recruiter is so much more than just finding candidates. It is about building relationships, assessing needs and wants, and establishing a business on respect and hard work.
A good recruiter should be able to recruit and get the process right, not just the first time, but EVERY time.

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