(photo not a true representation of our consultant, he wishes he could grow a beard like that)

“Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to see something so familiar in a totally new light”



We now have a dedicated property management consultant based right here in Adelaide!

Focused on property management operations & coaching we are able to offer a hands on approach to all of your property management needs as a business owner, department manager or lone wolf property manager.

Whether it be a second opinion or restructuring a department, we know full well that a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference. There is a reason that REJS focus on property management, it’s because we know it like the back of our hand.

We believe that the most important attributes to the success of any property management business or department are the right staff, the right structure and the right systems. Chris and the team at REJS look forward to helping you get the most out of your property management business or department.

To enquire about any of our services (including finding the right staff) please contact our property management consultant Chris Tepper on 0405 831 083.




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