“Being a property manager is a lot like riding a bike, but the bike is on fire, and you are on fire, and everything is on fire, and you are in hell” – sound familiar?

There is no doubt that the job and the very nature of the industry comes with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. This is what makes property management so interesting and why it beats any mundane desk job!

However if you allow the job to consume every waking moment of your life it won’t be long until you are burnt out and scouring SEEK, searching for any role that doesn’t involve people, problems or conflict (good luck with that). 

Below are some hints to keep property management in perspective:

  1. Your job will not be noted on your tombstone, only your loved ones will be – remember that
  2. You cannot please everyone, it isn’t possible – relax don’t take it personally 
  3. You are not a miracle worker or the Red Cross, you can’t help everyone
  4. In 5 years time will the stress and worry over a cleaning dispute matter
  5. Know your worth. If someone doesn’t respect that, do not invest your time with them
  6. Set rules with your landlords and tenants as well as colleagues, managers and business owner(s)
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of intelligence
  8. Home time is family time; put your phone away, you are not paid to work 24/7
  9. Your last words will not be “I wish I spent more time worrying about work”
  10. Complaining is a zero return investment. If you are not happy, do something about it.

A lot of the time things happen that are out of your control (you didn’t make that tenant punch a hole in every single surface, steal all the light globes and block the toilet with cement on their way out) however you can control how you deal with any given situation. No one ever said property management was easy and no one ever said life was easy – mix the two together and you are in for one hell of a ride! Just remember you are in control, the job should never control you!



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