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Terms and Conditions

Before the REJS team can get to work for you we need to get you to agree to our Terms & Conditions. They are really straight forward and all done online. To begin, you’ll need a password provided by the team.

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Strategy Sessions

As part of the REJS commitment to ongoing support, education and bring knowledge to the Property Industry the directors offer free strategy sessions to Principals, Directors, Team Leaders and other relevant team members across Australia. This allows them to get the new and latest information right to you so that you may use this in your business immediately.

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Exit Interviews

Exit interviews assist your company to amend their Recruitment strategy to target, attract and retain top talent. Employers can use the information gained from exit interviews to save money by assessing what should be improved, changed, or remain intact at both company wide or departmental levels.

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At REJS our sole focus is on locating YOU the very best of the property & real estate talent that is available in today’s marketplace. Too often quality gets neglected and we see a constant “churn” across the country.

At REJS we offer you two professional ways to attract the right talent for your office.

You can use the traditional recruitment model and pay a fee on success or use The REJS Talent Pipeline and pay a small fee to have access 24/7 to a large job seeker data base.

There is work required to use the REJS Pipeline, make no mistake as you have to engage and spend time continuing to engage job seekers so that they will will respond to you. For more information on how to register or connect to the REJS Talent Pipeline go to www.rejs.com.au 

Now’s the time for you to focus on running your Company successfully, without the constant worry about recruiting. The job that you do is difficult enough already without the constant drag of recruiting. Why not deal with the preferred supplier of outstanding property talent to the Real Estate Industry – REJS – the only support you need to find your next team talent star. Recruitment made easy with you on mind.

For more information on how we can assist & fulfill your recruiting needs talk to one of the team at REJS today on 1300 219 522 we are only too happy to help.

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